When it comes to your maintenance needs, we want to be your only solution. 
With over 75 cumulative years of experience, we are have a team that is highly recognized in the aircraft industry.


Scheduled Maintenance

Whether your choose to maintain your aircraft with a letter check or a phase inspection, we are well equipped to handle your needs.  

Audits and book maintenance is a service that is provided to you at no additional charge, for as long as you are a customer of Alpha Aircraft Services of America.  

Minor/Major Airframe Repair

Major or minor structural repairs, our skilled mechanics have the experience and reputation to get you aircraft back in the air as soon as possible.

Fuel Leak Repair

Let our specialists save you time and money on detecting fuel leaks and repairs. Our expert team has been one of the most sought after in the industry.  

Why?...we fix the problems by hand scraping to the source and then repairing.  We do not patch over the problem. Its that plain and simple.

Parts Requisition

Our experienced buyers will assure you an expedite on your aircraft. Plentiful vendor sources are key to the success of our projects and delivery times. 

Other Services

We also offer other services such as:

  • Pre-purchase Evaluations

  • Modification Factory or Engineered

  • Import/Export C of A

  • Weight and Balance

  • AD/Service Bulletin Compliance

  • Insurance Claims

  • Lease Return Inspections

  • C-26 Subcontractor



Our customer service is driven by our commitment to provide you with an efficient, fast turn around experience maximizing your financial potential in your maintenance needs.

Our capabilities are broad based in Merlin and Metro aircraft maintenance, with a close working relationship with Turbine Standard, Jordan Propeller, and STS NDT.  We have raised the bar in the Merlin/Metro maintenance business as we have one of the area’s most outstanding trained team of A & P mechanics.  Give us a call to see how we can provide you with that outstanding service we are known for.

We are confident in providing you the service and respect that you deserve.

"We have to perform consistently at a higher level than the competition. That's our mark for exceptional customer service.  We are proud to be a leading MRO that you can count on. You should not expect anything less."


Kirby D. Dockal, President
Alpha Aircraft Services of America Inc.



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For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: 830-626-7650 or fill out the following form.

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The supply chain management at alpha aircraft services has provided 14 years of expertise in the Metro/Merlin parts supply and services and its current practices have been improved to meet the new logistical requirements to support contracted government services across America.  


We have a vast supply of Merto parts and a vast parts inventory and we offer component repairs and service to numerous operators in the industry.


For information on parts purchases and service contact lt@alphaaircraft.net 


Quality Assurance Requirements 

Supplier shall provide FAA/EASA approved parts and materials, inspect the parts and materials, and maintain inventory control. New parts or components shall have a Certificate of Conformance (CoC) or FAA Form 8130-3. All work performed and documentation must satisfy FAA/EASA 14CFR regulatory requirements. Parts that do not have required FAA/EASA documentation shall not be installed on a government aircraft. Supplier parts and services requirements as follows:


Factory New

1. The original certification from the OEM. Appropriate documentation shall include one or a combination of the following:


FAA Form 8130-3, EASA Form 1, JAA Form 1, SEG VOO 003, TC Form 1, Certificate of Conformance, Packing slip, Transfer Ticket or Invoice.

New Surplus (Unused)

1. Certification & Traceability back to a Regulated Source stating that the material is new. Appropriate documentation may include one or a combination of the following: 

FAA Form 8130-3, EASA Form 1, JAA Form 1, SEG VOO 003, TC Form 1, Certificate of Conformance, Packing slip, Transfer Ticket or Invoice, and a material certification form that meets the requirements of ATA Spec 106 or other industry accepted certification. 

Overhauled, Repaired, Inspected / Tested or Modified:

1. Certification & Traceability back to the last operator and/or Regulated Source, including a non-incident/non-military statement;

2. Original material certification form that meets the requirements of ATA Spec 106 or other industry accepted certification stating the part is in the same condition as listed on the Authorized Release Certificate;

3. The original FAA Form 8130-3, JAA Form 1, EASA Form 1, CAAC AAC-038, SEG VOO 003, or TC Form 1 (Dual FAA/EASA or JAA release) issued by a repair facility the is approved to perform the repair by the relevant airworthiness regulatory authority;

4. Details of work performed or teardown report, including Service Bulletins (SB) number, Modification number or Airworthiness Directives (AD), with revision number and date;

5. Name of the service manual and/or part number or ATA chapter reference used to perform the repair and the revision date of the manual;

6. Any repairs incorporated into the part must be repairs listed in the OEM's service, repair or overhaul maul. FAA DER 8110-3, Internal Engineering Notices (IENs), Engineering Orders (EOs), Technical Orders (TOs), Customer Departure Records (CDRs), or Departure Records (DRs) type repairs will not be accepted by Alpha Aircraft Services of America without prior written approval. The repair scheme numbers must be listed in Box 13 of the Authorized Release Certificate along with the Revision number of date. Copies of the repair scheme explanation must be included in the shipment. 

Repairable/As is/As Removed Material: 

1.Certification & Traceability back to last operator and/or Regulated Source including a non-incident/non-military use statement;

2. Original material certification form that meets the requirements of ATA Spec 106 or other industry accepted certification stating the part is repairable, as-is, where is, or as removed. 




Note: At a minimum, parts must have documented traceability to a specific aircraft or engine, and there should be a way of establishing clear title to all parts. 






Air Agency Certificate




Operations Specifications 

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